Maintenance - Hull Pressures

Under inflation or unequal pressure in Hull clambers can result in loss of boat speed / performance or excessive floor board loadings/stress.

Recommended procedure for inflating Arancia IRBs 3 Hull Chambers

  • Inflate Starboard rear chamber to 22Kpa, remove pressure gauge & fit valve bung.
  • Inflate Port Chamber to 22Kpa leave pressure gauge in valve.
  • Inflate bow chamber till pressure gauge reads 23/24Kpa (3.25psi) in Port valve.All clambers are now at the same pressure, remove pressure gauge and fit
    valve bungs.The internal forward pointing hull baffles will start to reverse as the air
    pressure in the bow increases above what was in the 2 side hull chambers
    therefore pressurizing them to exactly the same pressure as the bow
  • Inflate Keelson to 27Kpa (4psi) pressure & fit bung.
    Regular checks of Boats pressure should be made while in service for over or under
    inflation, and adjust as necessary if more than 10% out.

Boat storage ( for periods of 1 week or more) Remove rescue tube & FUEL
Bladder (which should be removed every day after patrols.)
Wash in fresh soapy water and dry off.
Release pressure from all four clambers to approximately 4Kpa (1/2psi) and
store craft horizontal on a flat raised surface if possible. Away from
heat, damp, vehicles or thieves.
Or if your going to bag it, it must be completely dry and a little talcum powder sprinkled
over it before rolling up and slipping it into its Sail Bag.