Bridgport Metal Inflation Valves and CE Mark Identification Number

Metal Bridgeport Inflation Valve Cores. (following on from 2005 Newsletter)

The introduction of the all metal Valve Core (see attachment) started July 2005, at Arancia Serial No 10580605 – CE Mark No NZ AIL 0692 F505(stamped in top of alloy transom bracket) explanation on this CE, Mark No to follow.

The new all metal Bridgeport valve core will fit into all Arancia IRBs, but will require a new urethane adaptor (supplied with the craft) for the pump and Pressure Gauge to fit into it. And for Boat pressure readings push adaptor fully into valve core to lift the valve of its seat as is shown in attached photo.

New urethane adaptor for the Pump will fit all valves but not the pressure gauge adaptors. And as the old rubber Valve Cores are no longer manufactured, look after them, as you will need to replace all four if one is damaged.


Use only SILICON GREASE to lubricate and protect all valve bodies, cores and O rings. (Using Vaseline will swell the O rings to double their original size)

Delivery of New Craft.
New Arancias will now have the metal valve cores already installed, with the Keelson and Bow chamber valve cores mechanisms in the closed position to protect them. Rear two valve cores can be left open as they are protected from damage by the hulls fabric when rolling the boat up for transport. Arancia recommend the above procedure for transport of all Boats fitted with the metal valve cores.

Always Return the bow and Keel Valves to the closed position after deflating craft for transport.

The metal valve cores should only be removed from the boat to replace the valve rubber bung (now removable) or if it is damaged. A valve removal tool will be required for this operation. See David Hickey or Arancia.

CE Mark Hull Identification Numbers
Stamped on top of alloy transom bracket (Starboard side)

eg. NZ AIL 0710 J505
AIL. Arancia Industries Limited
0710 is the number of Arancia IRBs manufactured to date.
J is month of manufacture ( October)
505 is year and model year

New CE Proof Owners Manual.
Please read as it contains new information and technical specifications

2005 SLSNZ IRB specifications

Six loops for Side Safety Rails in 12mm Rope, forward spliced starboard rope loop covered with yellow beat shrink. This is to identify it as the recommended hand hold when in Surf. The bowman’s / women’s nylon handle is also yellow heat shrink covered.

Safe Boating
John Speight

Bridgeport Inflation Valve Core Air Leaks

New valves can and will leak air, so when we do the final Boat leak test the valve caps must be pushed into the valve cores for a complete 100% seal. Without valves bungs fitted the boat chamber pressure could drop by half(from working pressure 24Kpa) in 24 hours, if any grit or sand gets trapped on the valve seat. Fitting a new valve should not be needed to cure this problem.
To remove valve core. Early O ring type. (1995 – 2005)

Long nose pliers can be used with care, to remove the cores to be able check the O ring mechanism and seat, or straighten a bent seat shaft (brass) But not before you have a couple of spare valve cores, as the valve cores, if they have not been regularly removed
( every 6 months) can bind up in the valve body and you will end up breaking off the internal mechanism in the core. Then a large “easy out” Tool will be needed to remove the broken valve core.

For older type valve cores (pre 1980 – 1995) it could be the sealing cup washer has left some of the cups rubber on the metal cores seat . Happens when the craft has been left for long periods at full pressure. Only cure replace valve core. Coat the valve core brass screw threads with silicon grease before screwing back into the the valve body

O ring seal type valve cores are more likely to loose air through sand or grit on the sealing seat.
A little CRC sprayed into the mechanism when the boat is deflated will help remove any grit.
And a thin smear of silicon grease on the brass valve core threads will help prevent valve cores binding up in brass/rubber boat valve body.

For replacement of Damaged or unservicable valve cores.
contact Arancia or Midcoast Marine

John Speight