ARANCIA Pressure Gauge Field Calibration

ARANCIA Pressure Gauge Field Calibration

(Temporary recalibration)

Pressure gauges do not need much of a knock to go out of calibration or for the pointer to come off.

You can roughly recalibrate the gauge by the following method.

This procedure is for emergency use only and the recalibrated gauge should be checked against an accurate master gauge and redone if required. ASAP

Carefully remove Pressure Gauge front plastic cover, and retrieve pointer. By Levering off plastic cover gently with a screwdriver.

Remove Foot Pump valve adaptor from pumps black tubing.

Plug pressure gauge into pumps tubing. A good airtight Arancia pump only should be used as other pumps will result in different pressure readings.

Place pump onto flat surface and carefully stand on the pump with one foot , till your full weight is on the pump. You will need to steady yourself against something ( Lamp post?)

A person weighing 75kg will exert a force on the pump which will result in a pressure reading of 22 to 24Kpa.

The pointer should be refitted to the movements spindle at the 23Kpa reading, while your full weight is applied to the pump.

Gently tap the pointer onto the pressure gauge spindle with a small screwdriver blade or similar. Recheck the 23Kpa reading several times, if it does not read between 20 to 24Kpa, when you apply 75 kg to the pump then the pointer will have to be levered off the gauge spindle and the above steps carried out again until a correct reading is achieved.

Pointer removal can be achieved by using two smallish screw drivers together, opposite each other to lever the pointer up.

Refit plastic cover and mark gauge.

“WARNING Recalibrated & date.”

When the gauge has been checked remove warning.

Arancia can supply new gauges if you required, however there is no guarantee it will arrive without being knocked out of calibration. Gauges $45NZ Adaptors $22NZ

Most low pressure gauges can be used (0 to 7psi)

if they have a 1/4BSP threaded connection.

If you are using a 230v compressor to inflate your craft an accurate second boat pressure gauge will be required to double check Boats pressure.

This can be done by leaving the second gauge plugged into one of the rear tubes which are inflated to 20 Kpa (3psi)first and inflating the bow chamber last to 23Kpa (3.5PSI) This ensures that all three chambers are at equal pressures 23Kpa.


Use foot pump only.

Safe Boating

John Speight