Arancia Halkey Valve Replacement

Recommended procedure for Halkey Valve Removal & Refit

Have replacement valve body on hand ready to fit

Fit GRP Removal tool into Valve body mechanism and unscrew anti-clockwise. The internal nut must be held in place thru the hulls fabric to stop it turning.

When valve body is unscrewed be careful not to drop the internal nut into the hulls chamber

If the valve mechanism has broken off it must be located and removed. This will require the internal nut to be tied back to prevent it disappearing into the hull while the broken mechanism is located and removed thru the valve hole

Fit replacement valve body thru hull and screw in clock wise into internal nut, by hand only.

Apply a small amount of soapy water around valve body fabric as lubrication for valve body to fabric contact, add valve removable tool and tighten firmly, holding the underside nut thru the hull fabric. Hold the Valve Cap to prevent the cord being wrapped under the valve body while tightening the valve.

Inflate Chamber to 2psi and retighten valve body with GRP tool. check for leaking with more soapy water

Note The Valve cap must be fitted into the valve body to prevent loss or damage to the fragile internal mechanism during transport.