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Tri Nations NZ v South Africa & Australia 14th to 18th Feb 2003


We didn't get to the Mount till the Sunday so missed the Saturday action in 3m surf which  we believe was awesome.  The other disappointment was that the  Aussies were not going to compete in the IRB events. Something to do with their insurers not covering them if they raced the IRBs.& if they had to race IRBs then they wouldn't even come. Nobody informed them of our ACC cover, which seems to cover every other type of accident, even injuries received committing criminal acts.  Perhaps it had something to do with their top crew being soundly beaten while competing last year in our BP IRB National Championships at Whangamata.
So it was left to the 2 NZ teams (National,  Chris Scott/Jaron Mumby & Development, Danny Morrison/Jason Pocock  ) v the  South African Team. who had no fears in competing even though it was  the first Arancias they been in.  Met the whole S.A team on the Monday & they seemed to be enjoying the racing, only complaint was a lack of  practice in the Arancias. How we had tried to have the Arancias  released in South Africa in 2001 when the Tri Series was  held there. A bond had to be paid in the end for the release of the craft so that they could at least be used for the last events held in Durban.
One of the S.A team commented that this was strange as rescue equipment are exempt from duties, so what was the bond for?  (to prevent the craft being resold?) Woops, sorry that might be construed as politics.

Well, the weather was fabulous, the surf still had a mean shore break the organisation was superb the catering really mouth watering & the events, close & exciting.  Have a look at the few digital picks we managed to take.
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